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About Iron MarinesEdit

Iron Marines is a mobile game released by Ironhide Game Studio, an Uruguayan video game development studio. It is the studio’s first real time strategy game and sixth game overall, following Kingdom Rush, Clash of the Olympians, Soccer Challenge: World Cup, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush: Origins.

The game entails using an army of Marines, Mechs, and Empyreans to shoot, blash, and zap through armies of aliens and robots. Its core mechanics involve Refineries, structures that the player can use to spawn units and built defensive towers. They generate resources over time, though this quantity varies from level to level. Each refinery will generate further resources, and increase the maximum amount that can be owned at a time.

This resource is known as Etherium, a glowing green ore that serves as an invaluable resource for species across the galaxy. Races such as the Fell, Peripheroids, and Raad seek it to obtain the power to take over the galaxy, while the Iron Marines use it to defend the galaxy by empowering their weapons with it.

Travelling from planet to planet, the Iron Marines search for threats to quell before they can acquire so much Etherium that they become unstoppable. Each planet contains a set of Levels that are unlocked after completing the previous level. Some levels may also unlock Spec Ops at the same time which can be completed in any order.

Each mission results in Credits and Tech Points being earned. Credits can be used to buy single-use items that can support one’s army. Tech Points can be spent on permanent upgrades which boost things like the armor and health of troops, granting special abilities to units, and more.

The player also has access to a Hero unit for most battles, except a few Spec Ops. Each Hero has 2 abilities that can be activated in a mission, plus special passive traits. This unit gains experience points on completion of each level, along with the Credits and Tech Points. Enough experience points earns a level-up for the hero, which grants Upgrade Points that can be used to unlock upgrades for any of their 2 abilities or a passive trait.

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