Description Edit

Rangers are the most basic unit in Iron Marines. They have balanced stats, with decent range, resilience, speed, and a cheap cost.

Stats Edit

HP Armor Speed Damage Fire Rate Range Cost Unlock
1800 15 2.8 20 0.3s 200 30 Stage 1

Abilities Edit

Grenade Edit

Grenade Skill


Tosses a grenade from a far distance. Grenades can bypass barriers. Each Ranger in a squad has this ability, so there are up to 3 separate cooldowns and uses of this ability.

Trigger: Visible enemy in range

  • Ignores barriers
  • Can target flying enemies

Cooldown: 36 seconds

Damage: Unknown




Lets out a battle cry, boosting the armor of nearby allies by 30% for 5 seconds.

Trigger: Squad unit or nearby allies receives damage.

Cooldown: 36 seconds

Armor boost: 10/20/30%

Duration: 5 seconds



  • ”Without a doubt.”
  • ”Granted.”
  • ”Very well.”
  • ”Formation.”
  • ”To the front.”
  • ”Marching.”
  • ”Double time!”

Ability UseEdit


  • ”Grenade!”


  • ”Hoorah!”


Boot Camp

Boot Camp - 100/200

  • Dead units in a squad spawn 15/30% faster.
Hoo Rah

Hoorah! - 150/300/600

  • Unlocks and upgrades the “Hoorah!” ability. Grants 10/20/30% extra armor to themselves and nearby units for 5 seconds.
Ballistic Research

Ballistic Research - 450

  • All units’ normal attacks deal extra damage.
High Tech Weaponry

High Tech Weaponry - 200/400/800

  • Rangers gain extra armor and are equipped with grenades. Ranks 2 and 3 grant double/triple extra armor and grenade damage. This unlocks the Grenade skill.

Xenobiology - 400/800

  • All units have a small/doubled chance for extra damage.

Mutagenesis - 250/500/750

  • Gives a small/double/triple chance to instantly revive a dead unit in an Army or Empyrean squad as long as at least one is standing.
Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing - 600/800

  • When the last unit in an Army squad is attacked, generate a shield that makes them invulnerable for 4 seconds.
  • BUG - The second tier of this upgrade makes no change to duration or cooldown.


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